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Yipes Launches Boston Point Of Presence

Yipes Enterprise Solutions, Inc. is expanding its managed, end-to-end Ethernet solutions into Boston, and will launch a point-of-presence there by the end of the third quarter of 2005.

The Ethernet solutions company securely links offices within a metropolitan area or between metropolitan areas. Yipes currently serves 128 cities worldwide including all major European cities, and plans to expand to Asia and Latin America in the near future. It focuses on the financial services vertical, and launched "FinancialConnect!" in April, a network providing banks, brokers and investors with access to financial exchanges and networks.

In a statement Yipes' vice-president of marketing Keao Caindec said, "Boston is an outstanding, high growth location for Yipes, and we are very pleased to deploy our first POP in such close proximity to the city’s financial center. . . As a result, we believe our experience, unique scalability and cost advantages will make Yipes a highly attractive option in the marketplace."