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World IPv6 Launch: Who's Making Progress?

Two years ago Friday, scores of ISPs and website operators, including Internet heavyweights Google and Facebook, participated in World IPv6 Launch by permanently enabling IPv6. Organized by the Internet Society, the program was launched a year after World IPv6 Day, a 24-hour test of the new Internet protocol on websites, and was designed to encourage permanent IPv6 adoption.

Since then, IPv6 has become what the Internet Society calls "the new normal." The group released an infographic to illustrate IPv6 progress over the past two years (see below).

"Two years ago we were name-checking networks that had managed to exceed our World IPv6 Launch threshold of 1% IPv6 deployment," Mat Ford, technology program manager at the Internet Society, wrote in a blog post. "Now we report on nearly 100 networks around the world with over 10 times that much IPv6 deployment, many still growing rapidly."

Despite some of the promising statistics, Ford notes that more IPv6 deployment effort is needed in the Web content business. The percentage of Alexa top 1,000 websites reachable using IPv6 has shown only slow growth, he said.

Are you making progress with your own IPv6 adoption? Do these statistics surprise you? Let's discuss them in the comments.

Figure 1: