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Workshare's Workshare Professional 4


• Provides complete document audit trail
• Integrated window pane in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Strips sensitive metadata


• Cannot work with password-protect documents
• Lacks workflow tools
• Limited versioning capability

Workshare Professional 4, $349 per seat for a perpetual license. Workshare, (888) 404-4246, (415) 975-3855.

On my ThinkPad, I changed the default mail program in Internet Explorer to Outlook and fired up Word to create a document. Workshare Pro placed a handy window pane of tools right in the user interface. A full set of tools is available from a pull-down menu.

From the Workshare pane, I could send my document to others, compare different versions of the document, view hidden metadata and convert documents to PDF format. When I finished my edits, I clicked the "send" icon and the doc went to the other two in my group.

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