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Windows NT 4.0 Is Dead, Please Bring It Back!

Well, we have a scant two years to prepare: Effective April 1, 2006, Microsoft will no longer offer Windows NT 4.0 Server for sale, but will maintain security hot fixes until March 31, 2007.

The problem is, I like Windows NT 4.0 Server, and don't really like the 2000 version. Specifically, I believe Microsoft missed the mark (again).

The major aspect of 2000 that I detest, see no use for, and quite frankly find to be part of the bulkware concept (stuff everything into the system, require bigger computers, that don't run necessarily faster) is Active Directory (AD).

Now let's be real. Most shops in this country have between one and five servers. Why do I need Active Directory? Where is the benefit? We only have a single location, and because we may run SQL server, and other applications that suck up all the computing power of our computers, we are forced to purchase multiple servers.

I just don't get how the product (Win2000) has helped me, and how it has helped smaller clients.

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