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Wi-Fi Cloud Of Hot Zones Planned For NYC

With widespread public access to Wi-Fi slow to rollout in New York City, the nation's largest city is beginning to be covered by a unique wireless network, which is planned to eventually cover the Big Apple with a cloud of Wi-Fi "hot zones."

"We're building a true carrier-grade network," said Frank Matarazzo, president of Microwave Satellite Technologies, in an interview Monday.

Microwave Satellite's NuVisions operation has already fitted several buildings in the city with its gigabit Ethernet, which is then utilized to create a "Wi-Fi cloud" around each building. Subscribers to NuVisions' in-building broadband service " at $24.95 a month " can then use the company's Wi-Fi service without charge at any of NuVision's hot zones in the city.

"Every time we light a building, we can deploy Wi-Fi around the building," said Matarazzo. "The cloud gets bigger and bigger."

NuVision's hot zones already cover wide swathes of the city including the southern part of Central Park, Riverside Park from 60th to 79th Street, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, the United Nations Plaza, and several Trump properties in the city. The service also covers Roosevelt Island in the East River.

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