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Why We Don't Have BO

No, not body odor. Business Objects.
I just finished up a review of Business Intelligence suites.
As expected, Business Objects, although invited, refused to participate. Business Objects "doesn't do reviews". I did this same review a few years ago and guess what, Business Objects did not participate then either. But they were invited last time, and again this time. They chose not to participate. I'll invite them the next time, and they're likely to decline again.

For all you readers who want to know why BO wasn't included, it's because they chose not to participate. You'd be doing me a big favor if you wrote to BO and let them know YOU'D like them to participate the next time I do this review, because otherwise, they aren't likely to agree to let me play with their toys.
Seriously. Let them know you want to see them reviewed against the competition. I know I'd like to see them participate, and from the amount of e-mail I've gotten already - and am likely to get over the next few months - on this subject, you'd like to see it too.