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Why is Microsoft unique?

I was just reading a ZapThink report on Microsoft's new XAML-extensions for WWF (Windows WorkFlow) and got stuck again on one of Ronald Schmelzer's comments.
Ron is quoted in several publications as saying:

"Microsofts use of XAML as a way to specify business processes is unique, Schmelzer said."

Now I don't know what you've been doing lately, Ron, but I just finished writing an entire book on XAML and let me tell you something, there's very little "unique" about XAML. Oh, don't get me wrong - it's cool, it's sexy, it's neato-nifty-keen and there's some new features available that will knock your socks off, but it isn't unique and neither is extending it to incorporate business process specific calls to WWF.

Ever heard of BPEL, Ron? You know, an XML-based specification that describes...

wait for it...

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