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Welcome To The Virtual World

Virtualization is unquestionably hot. With a host of vendors rolling out hardware and software solutions boasting a long list of benefits and lots of talk about optimizing IT resources what is not to like? Well, as tremendous as the technology can be, managing it requires some very special considerations.David Wagner, BMC director of solution marketing for capacity Management and provisioning spoke to me about the subject of meeting the unique management challenges that virtualization poses to IT staffs. He also talked at length about what is driving the explosion in interest in and development of virtualization solutions.

Wagner noted that customers are really embracing the disciplines of ITIL, such as change management, release management, capacity management, and availability management which require cooperation between IT staff members who perform different roles and have different job functions. To manage a virtualized environment effectively, businesses need to employ that kind of cooperation and they need integrated management solutions to help them do exactly that.