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Web Site Encryption

AccessLine Communications SmartVoice Service

Small and midsize businesses looking to take advantage of the savings offered by voice over IP without buying new VoIP equipment should consider AccessLine's SmartVoice Service, which works without having to install new gear. SmartVoice includes such services as calling between locations over voice VPN, international calling and reduced-cost toll-free numbers. SmartVoice also provides call forwarding, voicemail and conference calling. The integrated multitenant management tools are accessed from a centralized Web interface and let you add, delete or change billing and provisioning configurations by customer, employee line, region or channel. $45 per line (supports on average four to five users). AccessLine Communications Corp., (877) 500-LINE.

Creabit Advanced HTML Protector

Creabit has added new encryption algorithms to its HTML Protector to help keep your Web page development work safe from plagiarism. The software also protects JavaScript and VBScript code, graphics, text and links. Version 3.0 lets you invisibly disable right click, text selection, offline use, link display and page printing. $29.95 to $99.95. Creabit, +7 923-614-6114.

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