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Web Application Performance Monitors

Hunt and Gather

All the products did a good job monitoring our test bed, which included the default WebSphere Plantstore and Petstore apps (see "How We Tested Web Application Performance Monitors,"). Differences were primarily centered around data collection, for which there were two distinct models. NetIQ's AppManager, CA's Unicenter and HP's OpenView plopped agents down on the monitored systems, while Concord's eHealth, Empirix's OneSight and ProactiveNet gathered statistics using remote protocols and proxies from interfaces, including SNMP, HTTP and perfmon. The benefits of this lighter footprint are countered by agent-based systems' ability to dive deeper into system performance metrics. For example, NetIQ and HP both built automation and diagnostic intelligence into their systems agents. This can be a boon to systems administrators but is less valuable for operational triage and service-delivery reporting.

HP's OpenView especially excelled at collecting detailed data using an army of robotic transactions, flexible deep system agents and, unique to this review, trans-nTier tracking of individual transactions whereby we could assign response times for each tier automatically.

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