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We Know How Hard IT Is--Trust Me

It takes a certain mentality to work with technology. You must be curious about how things operate, and persistent enough to get through the problems that inevitably arise when testing or deploying equipment. I have that mindset, but about once a year, there's a project that just about kills my curiosity and makes me strongly consider changing careers. My upcoming wide-area file services review is a case in point.

First I struggled with multiple layers of network problems, including bleed over between T1 and 100-Mbps connections and mismatched routing costs for the T1 link (see "BuzzCut: Fat Fingers From The Past"). Then the WAFS products all had to be re-addressed to different IP subnets because we'd changed the network. They didn't handle it very well because inline devices require an IP and that they be in the route.

But now it's finally coming together. I'm through re-testing two thirds of the products, and it's getting easier as I go.

With any luck, my torturous WAFS project will lead to an informed analysis that will make your product choices--and your life-a bit little easier.