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Watching The Web

Putting a corporate Internet use policy in place may sound basic, but many organizations don't bother with even a minimal attempt to regulate their employees Web activities. Given the current spyware/adware/phishing/pharming environment, that is a pretty big oversight. In a recent SonicWall survey of 2700 managers, more than 60 percent said there companies don't have rules about Web surfing.I am happy to report that Systems Management Pipeline are more on top of the fundamentals. In last week's poll, 83 percent have a written policy offering a guideline about Internet use. Of those, 63 percent have tools in place to restrict end users access to certain sites. Another 10 percent said that while they aren't using Web control software, they have a published Internet use policy and their end users are aware that they monitor their Web surfing.

Another 10 percent said that while they have a written Internet use policy, they have no tools or processes to enforce it. That leaves just 17 percent with no formal policy in place.