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Watch Out Redmond

You can believe the open source hype, at least if you look at the results of this week's poll on implementing alternatives to Microsoft Office. Fifty-seven percent of the Pipeline readers who responded have either already deployed an alternative to Microsoft Office or are trialing one now. Another five percent are considering other options to Microsoft Office.Given that most of those alternatives are Open Source-based, this is just more evidence of that there is a revolution coming to the desktop. Eleven percent of the surveyed organizations have completely replaced Microsoft Office with an alternative. Another 24 percent have deployed a non-Microsoft Office application in one or more departments.

Revolution or no, Microsoft Office is a long way from disappearing from the desktop. Thirty-eight percent said their organizations would never replace Microsoft Office. That is still a large percentage that are, at least for the momentum, professing a pretty serious commitment. At least until something better comes down the pike.