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WAN Security Challenges Abound

Protecting information and corporate assets has always been a tricky business, and today's computing environment just adds to the complexity. Remote offices and mobile users need just as much protection, and possibly more, than headquarters employees who sit behind carefully constructed layers of defense. SaaS applications and public cloud deployments mean sensitive data travel outside traditional network boundaries. And the Web presents a never-ending fountain of malware.

If you're struggling with these challenges, we invite you to check out a new Network Computing Tech Center on WAN security. You'll find news, best practices, expert blogs and a variety of reports that can help you meet the security challenges of your ever-expanding network.

Case in point is a blog from Network Computing editor Mike Fratto, who reminds us that when carriers talk about VPNs, they don't necessarily mean the same thing that an IT security pros means. To a carrier, a frame relay or MPLS VPN means traffic is segregated. It doesn't necessarily mean that traffic is also encrypted as it travels outside your network. Fratto makes a good case for WAN encryption. You can read it for yourself here.

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