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W3C Gets SML Spec Standardizing IT Service Descriptions

The CMDB Federation Working Group this week submitted a specification to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) that promises to make it easier to share information among different IT management applications.

NWC wrote about SML back in February:
If SML's initial backers remain committed once the specification is given over to an independent standards body, it will find broad acceptance among major hardware, software and management vendors. Uptake may be contingent on management interfaces, such as WSDM and WS-Management.
Andrew Conry-Murray
Reviews Editor

The Service Modeling Language (SML) spec defines how network components, including servers, applications and other resources, are described, or modeled, in XML. The working group also submitted a complementary standard called SML Interchange Format (SML-IF) that explains how applications can share data with other tools.

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