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Vyatta Open Source Routers: Enterprise Ready

As enterprises look to cut their costs, Vyatta's introduction version 6.0 of its open source routing code last week again raises the question as to what extent IT organizations can and should trust open source code in their network operations. Within the networking world, however, open source routers have made
nominal in roads into enterprise markets. There are different reasons
for the lack of adoption, mostly reflecting that routing is less about
features and cost within businesses today and more about Cisco's

But even without Cisco, businesses have had their concerns about open source routing. Performance on a commodity hardware platform, for one, feature richness for another. Basic capabilities, like Netflow reporting, have been missing, which has given organizations pause before considering going with open source. Since Linux's widespread adoption, enterprises have relied on open source software to some degree within the IT operations. Other
platforms, Snort for example, have gained popularity, but it's been
Linux more than any other open source project that has promoted open
source within IT running a quarter of the OS shipments today, according
to Gartner.

Vyatta Version 6.0  addressed at least some of those concerns, adding a number of features both to its Vyatta Core and Vyatta Subscription editions. Vyatta Core is the general code base available both through the community and Vyatta. The new version of Core will include Netflow/Flow logging and analysis, 802.11 wireless support, IPv6 readiness, firewall enhancements including the addition of personal firewalling, and improvements in QOS handling.

Vyatta Subscription is based on Vyatta Core and provides extensions for manageability and scalability that will be required by enterprises and providers. The new version of the Subscription Edition includes TACACS+ support, simplified VPN client management and the addition of Vyatta Remote Access API.

Vyatta also announced its inclusion in Riverbed's RiOS Services Platform (RSP) which provides a hypervisor running virtual appliances. RSP allows companies to consolidate critical applications and services onto a Steelhead appliance and reduce hardware in remote offices. RSP offers a way for Vyatta's Subscription Edition of its router software. The partnership means that Riverbed and Vyatta have tested the virtual appliances and can provide support. The Subscription Edition starts at $993.

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