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Versora Ships IIS-To-Apache Migration Tool

Linux ISV Versora announced Tuesday a tool to ease migration from Microsoft's Internet Information Services Web server to the Apache Web server running on Novell SUSE Enterprise Server.

The Santa Barbara, Calif., company said it has begun shipping Progression Web, a platform that automates data migration from Microsoft IIS servers to the Apache open-source Web server running on Novell SUSE Linux servers.

The migration tool transfers all significant files, security, database tables and configuration settings from an IIS Server to an Apache 1.3 or 2.0. For instance, all passwords, authorizations and authentications can be carried over from the Microsoft environment to open-source Apache.

The Versora software is priced at $279.

Microsoft's newest battle cry against Linux holds that commercial distributions from Red Hat and Novell are not free. When it comes to Web servers, however, customers are migrating to open source because it is both free and more secure, said Versora's chief executive.

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