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Verizon Launches Nationwide Ethernet VPN Service

Verizon Business introduced an Ethernet-based wide area networking service this week for enterprises that want to connect multiple, geographically-distributed offices while retaining control of their network bandwidth--and costs.

Carrier Ethernet adoption is slow largely because of poor geographic coverage, but Verizon Business' announcement is as much about their E-VPLS service as it is about trials of deploying Carrier Ethernet. In Verizon's case, in a single metro area Carrier Ethernet is either dropped onto existing SONET rings or is actually switched from point to point. Verizon's E-VPLS service should mean faster and less costly deployments anywhere Verizon services are offered as well as reducing costs to locations that are off-net.
Mike Fratto
NWC Technology Editor

Verizon's Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (E-VPLS), available now in most place in the United States, allows organizations to modify the speed of their WANs to accommodate voice, video, or data in order to keep their network operations efficient--and paying for only the bandwidth they truly need. Enterprise customers can regulate bandwidth on their networks from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps with the service, according to Verizon.

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