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Verizon Hits 100 Gbps In Optical Trial

Verizon and Nokia Siemens Network set a new distance record by sending a 100-Gbps core optical transmission on a single wavelength for more than 646 miles. The tests, conducted over the Verizon network in Dallas, paves the way for faster commercial services.

One of the most promising aspects of this field test was the discovery that current network configurations can support capacity upgrades to 100 Gbps per channel on existing routes without modification to the physical network.

Verizon first hit the 100-Gbps mark in trials last November, but this trial more than doubled the distance. As consumer bandwidth needs increase, the company is committed to transition the backbone of its FiOS network from 40 Gbps to 100 Gbps by 2010.

"Verizon's goal is to drive optical networking to deliver greater capacities over longer distances to enhance the high performance and high bandwidth of our network," said Mark Wegleitner, Verizon's senior VP for technology, in a statement. "Whether it's FiOS delivering HD channels and video on demand or business customers using database applications and online trading, we strive to provide the most advanced underlying network technology for our customers."

The companies said Nokia Siemens' hiT 7500 platform was behind the achievement, and the trial also showed that 100-Gbps traffic can be simultaneously be transmitted with 10-Gbps and 40-Gbps traffic on a normal 80-channel system.

"This field trial was a logical next step to demonstrate that our optical-transport technology adds value to our customers' core networks," said Brian Schumacher, head of Nokia Siemens Networks' IP transport business unit, in a statement.