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Verisign Releases VoIP Service For Financial Services Industry

VeriSign, Inc.has launched a trial version of its PBX IP Connect managed voice over IP (VoIP) service tailored specifically to users in the financial services industry.

The PBX IP Connect service allows users to centralize voice and data management and join different VoIP and data networks in a single infrastructure. With the version for financial services companies, users can route unlimited ringdown circuits over IP networks, allowing them to circumvent the restrictions of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and permitting the use of rich media content.

According to Vernon Irvin, executive vice president of Verisign's communications services division, by enabling the management of end-to-end VoIP networks, PBX IP Connect will allow users to deploy advanced applications at a reduced cost. "As the IP PBX infrastructure grows, enterprises require service providers that can interconnect disparate VoIP networks securely and reliably," Irvin said in a statement. "VeriSign's PBX IP Connect will help enable carriers to offer a suite of IP- based Intelligent Network applications to enterprise customers, giving them the true end-to-end VoIP experience without the added costs of routing through the PSTN."

Verisign is a participant in Cisco's Architecture for Voice and Video Integrated Data (AVVID) partner program, and version 0.1 of PBX IP Connect has met interoperability criteria with Cisco CallManager 4. According to Verisign, PBX IP Connect's interoperability with AVVID-compliant products will allow carriers to deploy reliable inter-enterprise IP services like point-to-point video.

"With Cisco AVVID partner offerings such as Verisign PBX IP Connect, version 0.1, customers can deploy a broad range of business solutions that foster innovation and drive rapid adoption of business-critical technologies," Verisign IP Communications Business Unit director of product management Hank Lambert said in a statement.