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Vendors Tout Tools, Wares At Microsoft Tech-Ed

Microsoft isn't the only vendor touting new products to the more than 11,000 developers and IT professionals attending its Tech-Ed 2004 conference, which opened Monday in San Diego.

A slew of smaller firms lined up to roll out new tools for developers pounding the pavement at the conference and trade show.

PKWare, for instance, unveiled software development kits (SDKs) aimed at developers who want to add compression and security to their Windows-based applications. Using the various kits, commercial and in-house coders can add Zip archiving functions to their applications; insert SecureZIP, PKWare's combined security and compression technology, in their software; and embed PKWare's data compression algorithms within their applications.

@stake, meanwhile, used Tech-Ed to roll out SmartRisk Analyzer, an automated analyzer that looks for and identifies security vulnerabilities in custom-created code. According to @stake, SmartRisk builds a model of the application and runs hundreds of risk analysis scans to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, and can find flaws ranging from insecure or improper use of standard libraries to backdoors. The vulnerabilities are grouped by priority and annotated in the source code for easy remediation. The analyzer supports C and C++ in Windows and Solaris, and Java J2EE.

Also on Monday, Borland released the second edition of its Borland Together Edition for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, a modeling companion to Microsoft's development environment that adds additional features, such as reverse engineering diagramming to show how objects interact, additional C# code audits, and modification tools that insure changes are carried through the code without breaking the application. Available now, Together Edition 2.0 sells for $199 per seat.

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