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Vendor Points To Soaring Mobile Broadband Demand

A large provider of broadband connections for guests in hotels and other public venues offered a strong indication Wednesday that demand for wireless and wired broadband connections by traveling employees is increasingly rapidly.

STSN, which provides wireless and wired broadband access to hotel and convention center guests, said that the number of connections it is providing in those venues has increased by 75 percent so far this year. The company said that, so far this year, it has been averaging 700,000 connections a month. The company provides both wired and Wi-Fi connections aimed at business travelers.

In a statement, the company noted that some of the increase is related to acquisitions as opposed to increased demand. For instance, it recently acquired a provider of broadband to 1000 hotels in Europe. Overall, the company said it now provides wired connections in about 266,000 hotel guestrooms and conference rooms in 2100 hotels and wireless access in 800 hotels.