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VAR's Solution Is A Gem

For Paul Langway, principal at solution provider PVP Sales, Randolph, N.J., helping midmarket companies analyze and troubleshoot their networks and applications is big business.

What Langway has discovered in his work with midmarket customers is that the increasing complexity of networks and the increasing traffic they're required to withstand aren't the only issues network administrators have to keep their eyes on. Applications can misbehave, too.

"What we're finding is that network engineers are getting calls that the network is slow, or the network has problems. It's not sufficient to say that; they have to dig deeper, and that means they have to get involved in the applications," Langway said.

About 60 percent of PVP's revenue comes from consulting projects, many of which stem from referrals from software vendor Network Instruments, Minnetonka, Minn., whose Observer product Langway uses to analyze customer networks.

"The medium-size companies don't have the staff that you'll find at ESPN or CitiCorp—where they'll have 20 or 30 people on staff. These smaller ones don't have the expertise in a lot of these areas," Langway said.

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