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The Value of VoIP Security

As telephony continues to migrate to Voice Over IP (VoIP), enterprises will continue to use a hybrid network, consisting of both circuit-switched and VoIP equipment. During this transition, existing security issues with circuit-switched networks will continue and new issues will emerge with VoIP.

Circuit-switched network vulnerabilities include toll fraud, theft of service, attacks on authorized modems, use of unauthorized modems, and eavesdropping in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). These issues will persist as long as the circuit-switched network is present -- and some, such as toll fraud and theft of service, may become much more severe.

These security issues, along with the emerging VoIP vulnerabilities discussed in this article, are best addressed with a unified security approach that addresses both circuit-switched and VoIP security.

VoIP Deployment Scenarios

Virtually any VoIP deployment has some number of vulnerabilities, depending on the vendor selected, the configuration used, and the deployment scenario selected. Deployment scenarios include:

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