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Using iPerf to Test Router Throughput

In my previous two videos, I shared my methodology for testing a five-port Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X. The goal of these videos is to introduce you to sample throughput testing methodology and results. As I’ve mentioned previously, throughput results are not static and will vary based on configuration and the testing tool used.

Since the tool I used in the previous videos, NetScout OptiView XG, utilizes UDP for its tests, I realized that I should perform a test using TCP to ensure that I covered that protocol. On your average network, UDP isn’t typically used for file transfers; TCP is. Applications like FTP and web browsers will use TCP. Exceptions include Chrome and QUIC, which use UDP.

I chose good old iPerf and wanted to keep things simple, so the only configuration change I made is adding the –w and –r option on the client. Note: Ensure your iPerf test equipment has its firewall disabled.

When you get to any NAT testing, be aware that you may have to make some additional configuration changes such as port forwarding to allow the conversation to return to the client.