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Unison Brings Unified Communications to Ubuntu Linux

Canonical, sponsor of Ubuntu Linux, and Unison Technologies have agreed to bring Unison's unified communications suite for SMBs to the Ubuntu Linux platform.The Unison suite will run on Ubuntu Server and on Ubuntu Destkop edition. In the announcement, Rurik Bradbury, Unison's CMO, called the suite "a ?killer app? for Linux and a great option for any small or medium business." Bradbury said, "It is more powerful and far more affordable than the Microsoft alternative....We expect this partnership to further accelerate the growth of both Linux in business IT as well as unified communications.?

Canonical partner manager Malcolm Yates said, ?Unison is a solution that makes unified communications simple and affordable on Linux. We are happy to partner with Unison Technologies and spread the word that Linux offers a superior platform for business IT ? now including unified communications.?

Canonical will sell the Unison software through its store at $50 per user per year or $36,000 for a perpetual one-server license with unlimited users.The Register