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Unify's Circuit Enables a New Way of Working

Today Unify, the company formerly known as Siemens Enterprise, finally took the covers off the product it has been developing under the code name of Project Ansible. The application, now known as Circuit, is the culmination of two years of intense research and development, and it promises to change the way people work. We in the analyst community had the opportunity try out Circuit at Unify's annual Global Analyst Summit last week in Phoenix.

I first downloaded Circuit to my iPhone rather than my Macbook, as I believe the value of a UC client is measured by its usability on a mobile device. No disrespect meant to all the vendors that have put work into developing rich desktop clients but it's been my belief that mobile UC provides much greater bang for the buck.

Having non-unified communications tools is awkward on a desktop but isn't the end of the world. However, on a mobile device it's extremely time consuming to continually be switching between applications, so a robust mobile UC client can provide tremendous value.

On the surface, Circuit looks like many of the other mobile UC clients. Unify touts the application as a "single pane of glass," which is one of the most over-used terms in our industry today. However, Circuit does live up to the promise of a single pane of glass as it brings together not only communications applications such as voice and video but also text messaging, screen sharing and even content sharing.

While the unified client is nice, I don't believe that's the true differentiator for Circuit. 

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