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The Ultimate VoIP Solution

Incredible Applications For Incredible Phones

What constitutes the ideal IP telephone? Mobility? Lots of buttons? Integration with enterprise applications? Everyone has their own opinion of what makes the perfect IP phone and VoIP implementation, but we've gone a step further. In this month's Convergence, we've enlisted the help of four experts to come up with the ideal IP phone and VoIP network architecture.

Together they've composed a list of requirements that should be on anyone's shortlist for desktop phones. They've also designed an elegant VoIP network that you can use as a template when planning your own VoIP deployment.

Not surprisingly, one of the features they flagged for the ideal IP phone was a large display. A decent screen makes it possible to view a corporate and personal phone directory that includes real-time presence information. A sizable screen also lets users run third-party applications. At a recent Cisco Systems partner conference, for example, I stumbled across one application that allowed users to control their conference room environment, giving them the ability to activate a projector, adjust the room temperature, or lower and raise the blinds at the touch of a button. Sure, you could run that sort of application on a PC, but not all conference rooms have a PC. They all have telephones, however.


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