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U.K. Group Calls For Loud Warnings On iPods, MP3s

A British organization for the deaf is requesting that Apple and other manufacturers of MP3 players print more prominent warnings about the risks of hearing loss.

The recommendation, announced this week, is part of a "Don't Lose The Music" campaign by the RNID (formerly the Royal National Institute for Deaf People). While observing its first "Don't Lose The Music Week," the charity group has written to all leading manufacturers of MP3 players asking them to explain potential dangers of using their products at high volumes.

The RNID, which represents 9 million people who are deaf or hard of hearing, is also urging MP3 makers to direct consumers to Web sites with tips on how to protect hearing.

"We don't want to discourage young people from listening to music, but we think it's really important that music fans have the information they need to protect themselves from hearing damage," Lisa McDonald, RNID Campaign Officer, said in a prepared statement.

The U.K.-based group states that it is not opposed to MP3 players but wants to encourage people to protect themselves against the cumulative effects of loud music, "so they can enjoy the music they love for the rest of their lives."

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