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A Twist On Keychain Storage

After my blogs on keychain storage hit, (see M-Systems' DiskOnKey: Small Package, Large Resource
and My Fascination With Keychain Storage
)I was contacted by the PR people for Forward Solutions about its new product " Migo.

Of course, I assumed as you would, that it's just another vendor in the keychain storage market, trying to get some free press. Well, guess what, the company offers a new twist, and I'm so impressed, they're getting their free press!

The device looks like all the other keychain storage devices I've seen. Odds are there are only a few manufacturers world wide, so everyone is probably sourcing from the same vendors. But what makes the Migo unique is the software.

You plug the Migo into your USB port, and, if you use Windows 98SE, ME, 2K or XP, the OS finds the driver. You then open the drive, and run program PocketLogin, which sits on a protected portion of the Migo.

You now have an option to password protect your data. Pick a password, or not, and you're ready to enter the main portion of the PocketLogin software, and the reason the Migo is not just another keychain storage device.

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