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Top 10 Intranets: Creative, Mobile, Multi-National

The companies with the world's best 10 intranets, ranked for the best in design and function, put blogging and advertising to good use inside their organizations.

"One of the most repellant advertising techniques on the Web, the use of overlay graphics on which an image appears on top of the content, works quite effectively on an intranet to highlight and explain new features," said Jakob Nielsen, principal of the Nielsen Norman Group, while releasing "Intranet Design Annual 2006: The Year's Ten Best Intranets" this week. "Offering an e-commerce system, complete with shopping cart, for ordering supplies is brilliant. Blogs provide just-in-time notes for crucial, shared tasks. And these Web-turned-intranet trends all serve to boost productivity."

And, more countries outside the United States than inside are coming out on top.

Nielsen Norman Group's researchers praised the United States' Capital One, IBM, Merrill Lynch and Staples, Germany's ALTANA Pharma and METRO Group, United Kingdom's O2 and Vodafone, Allianz Australia Insurance and Bank of Ireland for having the best intranet systems in the world.

For the first time, the majority of winners came from outside the United States.

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