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Tipping Point And Symantec Team For Enterprise Security Solution

TippingPoint Technologies Inc. and Symantec are collaborating on an integrated security solution that combines TippingPoint's intrusion prevention appliance with the Symantec Security Management System.

UnityOne is TippingPoint's intrusion prevention appliance. Users insert the device into their networks, where it inspects incoming packets at gigabit speed to determine whether they are malicious or legitimate, protecting network hardware from targeted attacks and traffic anomalies. UnityOne is built on TippingPoint's hardware Threat Suppression Engine.

In addition to protecting the enterprise network from intrusion, the device generates reports on prevented attacks and anomalies that can now be integrated with the Symantec Security management System. This permits the aggregation of data for rapid analysis and response by security administrators and the simplified maintenance of increasingly complex networks and security systems from a centralized application.

"As intrusion prevention systems continue to emerge as a critical component of network security, the integration between Symantec's Security Management System and TippingPoint's UnityOne Intrusion Prevention System will help end users show regulatory compliance and return on investment (ROI) through reporting on blocked attacks, in addition to cutting down on time and resources through proactive prevention," TippingPoint's CTO Marc Willebeek-LeMair said in a statement. "The integration will give end users in-depth information on threats while preventing attacks."