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Time Warner Cable Debuts Automated Backup Service For Businesses

Time Warner Cable has announced that it will be offering an automated backup and restore service to its business customers, using Arsenal Digital's ViaRemote network-based data protection solution.

The service, branded ViaRemote Managed Storage, will offer turnkey functionality with backup to a highly-available remote location over Time Warner's broadband network. Customers will be able to restore data and obtain and view reports through a Web-based portal.

Time Warner and Arsenal say that the new service will allow companies to eliminate data loss, remove human error from the data protection cost and reduce storage and data protection costs. Indeed, the service requires minimal, if any initial capital investment by customers. Time Warner and Arsenal will provide all of the necessary hardware, software and personnel on a 24-hour basis.

"For many companies, it can be a major struggle to funnel enough time and capital resources towards protecting against data loss, and they usually end up learning the hard way," Time Warner Cable Commercial Services, Raleigh Division vice president Bo Coughlin said in a statement. "By rolling out Arsenal's turnkey remote data protection service across its broadband network, Time Warner Cable Commercial Services has made it far easier and cost-effective for businesses to deal with the mundane-but critically important-issues of backup and recovery, and created significant new value for its commercial customer base."