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Thunder Takes PolyVision To Demo

PolyVision Corp., a Steelcase company, has launched Thunder Virtual Flipchart System, a visual collaborative communication tool, at the Demo 2006 conference in Phoenix, Ariz.

The platform connects meeting rooms and remote laptop users with a satellite modem, Internet connection or phone line. "Group or collaborative computing requires a walk-up-and-use experience," said Michael Dunn, PolyVision's president and chief executive officer on Tuesday. "Fifty percent of meetings are impromptu, unplanned. So if you're planning on providing a collaborative technology, you'd better have one that people don't have to plan to use."

Thunder Virtual Flipchart System has an interactive easel-like plasma screen that looks similar to a whiteboard. The screen has icons in a toolbar across the top to represent pages in the presentation and rooms that join the meeting.

The group easel allows input and sharing of any media image, analog or digital. The meeting facilitator can jot down notes and drawings onto a page with a stylus or by using a finger.

Multiple pages are projected onto the wall in high resolution, allowing the information to be visible to all meeting participants. "You pick and choose the pages you want projected by dragging them into the main area, but there is no limit as to the number of pages that can be part of the session," Dunn said.

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