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Testing Update: Contact Your System Administrator

I started perf testing one of the ESB products today and immediately discovered that it wasn't responding as expected. Okay, no problem, I'll just remove the extra message logging I put it while building an orchestration and restart the test.'s still not responding. What is this? 2095 active BPEL processes? Hmmm...okay, there's a delete button. I should just be able to push the button and the process will go away...sure, I have to do it 2095 times but hey, better than nothing.
What's this? A Java exception? On the console? What do you mean, "Contact your system administrator". I am the system administrator and I can assure you I have no idea what this generic exception is trying to say. Maybe the log has more information...ummm, yeah. A stack trace. Oooh, and another copy of the exception message thrown on the admin console. That's nice. But why, exactly, was this exception thrown?

Was it privileges? Is the manager not responding? Solar Flares?? Magnetized shoes??!?! What?

A general exception error that is printed out on the screen with no clue as to what really happened is less useful than just saying "Yo, that didn't work!". Ya gotta give me something more to go on here, people!