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Take the Podcasting Plunge

The Big Picture
Take the Podcasting Plunge

Podcasting may seem a bit far afield for our IT audience. But heck, there was a time when blogging was derided as this generation's CB radio. Yet today, folks of all sorts, both inside and outside of companies, are blogging every day.

Could podcasting emerge as a mainstream business tool as well? Well there's no doubt we'll see marketing-oriented and customer-facing podcasts coming from a variety of companies, and not just media companies. The more interesting question is whether podcasts will ever emerge as a mainstream communications tool, along the lines of email, text messaging or blogging. My bet is no, but I'm getting old and crotchety and don't "get" the joys of text messaging either. So who knows, maybe one day we'll be downloading and listening to long-form podcast messages from colleagues on the way home from work. Certainly, it's not difficult to envision podcast training or podcast "missed-a-meeting" downloads.

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