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SUSE Linux Outlines Product Road Map

Novell's new SuSE Linux organization Tuesday detailed its product road map, including additional biometrics security capabilities in the next release of SUSE's Linux desktop product.

Oliver Nachtrab, director of product management at SUSE, said the next release of SUSE's Linux desktop will include additional support for fingerprint identification, ID cards and additional password protection. Novell SUSE executives detailed the product road map before several hundred partners at the SUSE Partner Conference. The conference precedes LinuxWorld, which is being held this week in New York.

The additional Linux desktop security features will make the product more attractive to government agencies, where Linux is seeing increased adoption rates, Nachtrab said.

The new desktop product is slated to be released in the second half of the year, he said, and the product is set for early beta in the February/March time frame.

The desktop offering will include extended Microsoft Office functionality and SAP support, he said.

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