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Survivor's Guide to 2005: Digital Convergence

All for One: Benefits

When you place multiple IT resources on one pipe, you have only one pipe to manage. This reduces administration costs and eliminates several "line" items in your IT budget, such as those for serial cards that interface voice and data and separate telephone lines to the desktop.

While you're moving to one pipe, you can easily add video. There's a videoconferencing system for everyone, no matter what the size of the organization or budget. Voice, together with video, puts speakers in the same virtual room. Videoconferencing eliminates bad conference calls resulting from disparate or old phone systems and will wake up inattentive remote staffers (they'll think twice before multitasking during your conferences).

2005 Survivor's Guide

• Introduction

• Business Strategies

• Security

• Network and Systems


• Mobile & Wireless

• Digital Convergence
• Business Applications

• Infrastructure

• Storage and Servers
• Special SMBs

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