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The Survivor's Guide to 2004: Business Strategy

"It's like, geez, you have some money but you can't spend it because everything's cheaper," Patel says, followed by a sinister laugh. "It's so cool!"

Patel's 200 IT professionals rolled out voice over IP and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) this year, and they're rapidly adding Cisco 6500 switches across the enterprise to increase bandwidth. The new equipment will support video-streaming and business-intelligence software projects already under way.

Another source of discounted IT products has been the secondhand market, which Cisco and other vendors legitimized by promoting "authorized" refurbished equipment repossessed through their credit units. New online auction houses have helped connect sellers with buyers.

2004 Survivor's Guide:

• Introduction

• Business Strategy

• Security

• Network and Systems


• Mobile & Wireless

• Converged Voice, Video

  and Data

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