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Survey Finds Enterprises Deploying Strong WLAN Security

Large enterprises are aware of -- and are taking action to prevent -- potential security threats to their wireless LANs, according to a survey released Thursday by iGillottResearch.

The survey of 804 IT managers working for large enterprises found that 86 percent of the companies have deployed WLANs. Only two percent of those networks are unsecured, the survey found.

About 46 percent of the enterprises with WLANs use virtual private networks for security. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) or Dynamic WEP are used by 45 percent of the companies and 16 percent use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).

"This survey data shows that many enterprise IT managers are aware of the inherent vulnerabilities of WLANs and are taking steps to lock down those networks," Matthew Vartabedian, research manager for iGillottResearch's enterprise research practice said in a statement.

The survey covered only companies with 1000 or more employees.