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Sun's Returning Co-Founder Talks About New Role

Sun Microsystems recently acquired startup Kealia Inc., bringing Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim back to the Silicon Valley company he co-founded with Scott McNealy, Bill Joy, and Vinod Khosla in 1982.

Bechtolsheim, 48, returns to Sun as a senior VP and chief architect and will work on designing systems that use Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s Opteron chip, a new technology for Sun. Bechtolsheim left Sun in 1995 to found Granite Systems, later bought by Cisco Systems. He was also an early investor in Google.

InformationWeek senior writer Aaron Ricadela spoke with Bechtolsheim this week about Kealia and his upcoming work at Sun.

InformationWeek: You're taking on a job as chief architect for volume systems at Sun. What will that work entail, and what are your goals?

Bechtolsheim: We hope to bring to Sun an acceleration of its expansion beyond Sparc into Opteron, and into all things Linux. This [Sparc] market has been an unbelievable success for Sun. However, it is not the entire market--there's also x86. It's definitely the Opteron angle that got us involved here.

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