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Sun And AMD: A Potent Combination?

The news that Sun Microsystems Inc. is adding to its line of servers powered by the AMD Opteron chip seems to indicate that the company is sold on the AMD product. Indeed, John Fanelli, senior director of marketing for the company, says that the whole idea is that Sun can offer great performance at a low price point.

"The AMD chip outperforms the Intel Xeon and Nokona chips," Fanelli says, so [these servers] build around that."

Fanelli notes there are three classes of such products, the Sunfire V20Z, which is available up to a 2-processor option, and the V40Z, with up to four-way processors, and two Sun java workstations, which have been recently announced.

"Opteron gives a better value story," he adds, explaining that it's good at scaling, and that it's backward-compatible with 32-bit applications. And, of course, there's that performance score, which Fanelli says is "world-record."

But Sun could have said something like that when it came out with servers powered by Intel chips. What's the difference here? Are the new servers really delivering on the promise?

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