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Stellent Puts Content Metadata in Context

How you find information doesn't depend just on what you're looking for. That's why Stellent today announced an evolved metadata approach in Universal Content Management 7.5, the company's first major upgrade in more than a year. The new metadata engine offers control beyond content type, and the update also includes enhanced e-mail management and business-oriented digital asset management (DAM) features.

Stellent's In-Context Metadata Engine lets you dynamically control the metadata exposed, so users aren't overwhelmed by information that isn't relevant to the search. Specific fields can be revealed, or withheld, based on user roles, the status of the content and other variables.

Authors and editors, for example, might see and search state-oriented metadata values while a document is in process. Later, when that same content is live, constituents would see and search different fields that could vary depending on the application and whether users are employees, partners or customers.

"We see increasing efforts to give users the information they need within the context of their jobs and interests," says Susan Feldman, vice president for content technologies at IDC. "Stellent's in-context metadata is an example of this drive toward precision results."

Stellent's new e-mail management capabilities appear to be in line with competitive offerings from the likes of Interwoven and Red Dot.

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