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State of the Art: Data Naming

The easiest approach, and the one many vendors prefer, is to add more junk drawers. Segregate stored files by user, department or some other granular approach into more discreetly named file folders or storage volumes. That way, we won't waste time searching for that PowerPoint file with the complex drawing we'd like to reuse in a new deck of slides we're developing.

Over time, however, file proliferation defeats even the best "segregate by storage device" methodology. File-folder contents proliferate, and seeking a specific file becomes futile. Backup processes strain to the breaking point as IT, not knowing which files are critical, are forced to back up everything. The result? Backups can't be accomplished within operational windows--and, worse, restores take forever.
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Bottom line: Storage-centric approaches don't attack the core problem of data management, data naming.

What's in a Name? Everything

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