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Startup Matisse Preps Optical Switches

Infrastructure startup Matisse Networks Monday came out of stealth mode, unveiling plans to launch distributed multiprotocol switches that use optical interconnect technology.

The as-yet unnamed product line is slated to debut in the second half of this year and will target large enterprise customers, particularly in the financial services, health-care and federal and state government markets, said Sam Mathan, CEO of Matisse.

"To build infrastructure [today] in the enterprise data center, you use a lot of big switches. The best way to look at what we do is we take a big switch and distribute its fabric on fiber and distribute its blades into multiple locations," Mathan said. "But it looks and feels like a single virtual switch."

Resulting networks will be faster and more scalable, he said.

"[We'll provide] purpose-built products that are really designed for the next generation of optical infrastructure rather than switches that have evolved into larger bandwidth but are not really designed to [operate] at the 10-Gigabit interconnect requirements of today's world," he said.

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