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Stabbing Your PCs

You've heard of server blades, or blade servers, but blade PCs?

Yes. Hewlett-Packard Co. recently announced that it's got something called the blade PC that the company claims will do all sorts of wonderful things for your IT infrastructure. You know the drill: reduce infrastructure costs, cut down on help-desk calls, allow for central administration, etc., etc.

But there are always questions about new products/technologies, and here are a couple of them:

  • Why not just use server-based computing, a la Citrix?
  • What is the advantage to blade PCs v. other solutions?
  • Can users of blade PCs have their own user profile?
  • What about cost?

    We can answer the last first. HP claims that the list price, per seat, for an IT setup using blade PCs is $1399. That includes the blade PC, the infrastructure to support it (like racks and enclosures, along with the control software) and a thin client for each user who needs to get access to a blade PC.

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