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Special Report: Autonomic Computing


Is your infrastructure nearing the point at which systems will no longer serve business needs, or even be maintainable? As complex SOAs (service-oriented architectures) and converged applications like VoIP become the norm, IT is paying the price for integrating too many applications on a point-to-point basis using custom-built, undocumented scripts. The result is unstructured procedural activity, ballooning labor costs and an inflexible service-delivery infrastructure that does nothing to improve customer relationships.

What happened to Paul Horn's grand vision of autonomic computing? Simply, while paying lip service to the goal of automation, our industry all too often took the path of least resistance, solving tactical problems but putting off the hard work needed to achieve self-healing systems.

If you're ready to change course, CA, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, along with a cadre of smaller software vendors, have joined IBM in seeking to solve practical IT challenges. But to make automation work for your enterprise, you need an understanding of your environment, business objectives, technical requirements, and existing processes and workflow. With a little self-knowledge, enterprises can achieve significant savings.

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