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Sony Video Wares to Integrate with Cisco VoIP

Sony Tuesday unveiled plans to integrate two of its videoconferencing products with Cisco Systems' VoIP platform.

The integration will enable Cisco's IP telephony customers to launch video calls as easily as they make phone calls, said Eric Murphy, vice president of conferencing solutions at Tokyo-based Sony.

"This is part of the ongoing quest to make [videoconferencing] easier for end users and to utilize the telephony features that people are more familiar with," Murphy said.

The two vendors are now working together to identify Cisco VoIP partners that would be a good fit to take on Sony's wares, Murphy said, noting that some of Sony's traditional videoconferencing partners are also now considering the plunge into IP telephony.

Sony has licensed Cisco's Skinny Call Control Protocol and expects to begin shipping compatible videoconferencing products in April, Murphy said.

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