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SOHO Wireless Router

ZyXel Communications ZyAir G-2000 Plus 802.11b/g Wireless 4-Port Router

ZyXel, a provider of secure broadband networking and Internet connectivity/routing products, has introduced what it bills as the first SOHO wireless router with a built-in PEAP (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol) RADIUS server to offer WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) to the mass market. Supporting WPA-Enterprise with 802.1x authentication, the four-port ZyAir G-2000 Plus lets you assign each wireless user a unique name and password. The product supports digital certificates. $179. ZyXel Communications, (800) 255-4101, (714) 632-0882.

Avocent Corp. DETwo

Space saving is the goal of Avocent's latest digital extension appliances. The DETwo lets you remove the PC from the desk and put it in a central location. You can then digitally attach up to eight monitors to each PC. Comprising a solid-state desktop appliance, a PCI add-in card and the DWorks administration utility, the extension system connects the interface to the PCI card in the PC. Keyboard, monitor and mouse are plugged into the appliance. DETwo is available as the S series, with video; the L series, with additional PCI slot; and the C series, with two additional PCI slots. $725 to $1,645. Avocent Corp., (866)-286-2368, (256) 430-4000.

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