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SMC Releases All-In-One Hotspot Kit

SMC Networks has announced a bundled solution to allow small and mid-sized businesses to easily set up wireless hotspots for their customers.

The SMC EliteConnect 2.4GHz 802.11g wireless Hotspot Gateway Kit includes a secure NAT router featuring a SPI firewall and authorization, authentication and accounting services. The router has a built-in high-speed 54Mbps 802.11g access point with a detachable antenna. The kit also features a point-of-sale ticket printer that prints billing receipts and allows operators of cafes, hotel lobbies, business centers and other environments to authorize and bill clients for Internet access.

Hotspot operators can manage users with 802.1x/RADIUS authentication, or with the access point's built-in local database, capable of storing up to 2000 media access control (MAC) addresses. The kit includes features that allow operators to set up custom network access Web pages or display advertising and announcement pages while users are logged-in to the hotspot.

The kit connects to the Internet with a SMCWHSG44-G DSL/cable modem gateway equipped with up to four LAN or WAN ports, providing up to four DSL or cable modems. It includes an extra port supporting 802.11af compliant power over Ethernet (POE), allowing operators to deploy POE wireless bridges and repeaters in locations where there is no accessible power outlet.

The SMC EliteConnect 2.4GHz 802.11g wireless Hotspot Gateway Kit is available for $899.99 from SMC dealers.